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Tiger Fighting, October 11, at 2:45 am Beijing time tomorrow, Portugal will face France in the UEFA Europa League game. Before the game, Portugal coach Santos attended the press conference. He said at the press conference that as long as Ronaldo still has motivation and wants to do more, then Ronaldo will continue to work hard. Santos also talked about his views on France. He said that France is an excellent team and he respects Deschamps' work, but he believes that Portugal can win in the future.


"Of course, I still remember my first game coaching the Portuguese national team, and the European Cup final also left a deep impression on me. I will never forget that final."


"But I think tomorrow's game will not be affected by our memories and feelings. Tomorrow's game will be a completely different game. Our goal is to show good performance and win the game."


"We have to determine our own unique style. I don't want the team to fall into the same predicament we had against Spain before. I also remind the players."


"We have analyzed the team's performance before, and we have also analyzed our own strengths and weaknesses. If we can find the right method, we will definitely be able to solve these problems."


"France is one of the best teams in the world, but we also have our own weapons. We want to play our own style of play. France has also made some changes in the past few games. They are different from the previous two years. ."


"We have always maintained a humble attitude. We will recognize the strength of our opponents. Of course, we will also learn from our opponents."


"Due to the epidemic, our preparations for war have indeed been affected, and people will also have some doubts about it. All parts of the world have been affected by the epidemic."


"Our training is still going on normally, and my players are very confident now. We have to withstand the test now, and before going to France, we have to make sure that every member of the team has a negative test result for the new crown. ."

“我们的训练仍在正常进行,我的球员现在非常有信心。我们现在必须经受住考验,在前往法国之前,我们必须确保团队中的每个成员对新人的测试结果都是负面的王冠。 。”

"I have always said that, I want to lead the team to victory, and I will not pay too much attention to the team's historical record and the team's data in previous games."


"I will make the players fully prepared at the tactical level. In the past few years, France has also lost 1-2 games at their home court. We firmly believe that we can win."


"We know that the game against France will be very difficult, but we have to show our best. Humility and low self-esteem are different. We will respect our opponents, but we also believe that we can beat them."


"It's very difficult to get the best performance. It's the same for Portugal, and I think it's the same for France. If the players are nervous in this level of competition, I will find it difficult to accept."


"I will not evaluate opponents' players, and I have never compared my own players. If I evaluate and compare French players, it would be disrespectful to Deschamps."


Ronaldo suffered an injury in the 2016 European Cup final. The reporter also asked about Santos during the interview. Santos said: "That was four years ago. You can see how Ronaldo feels now. ."


Santos also talked about the possibility that Ronaldo might break the Ali-Dye national team's scoring record. Santos said: "C Ronaldo has maintained such a strong offensive firepower for so many years. If Ronaldo one day in the future, When he thinks he cannot beat himself, he will leave."


"But as long as Ronaldo remains motivated, as long as he wants to do more, he will always work hard. And Ronaldo will give everything in order to show better performance."


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