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亚博登录手机-里弗斯的5大下家! 冠军教头依然是香饽饽?

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   After the Clippers accidentally dropped out, Rivers finally ended his 7 seasons coaching career with the Clippers. And when he regained his freedom, he immediately became a sweet potato, and many teams were interested in him. Immanuel Canicosa, a reporter from "Clutch Points", also wrote an article and counted Rivers' top five homes.

在快船意外退出后,里弗斯终于结束了他在快船的7个赛季的教练生涯。当他重新获得自由时,他立即变成了红薯,许多团队对他产生了兴趣。来自《离合器点》的记者伊曼纽尔·卡尼科萨(Immanuel Canicosa)也写了一篇文章,并数了里弗斯的前五座房屋。

   5, 76ers


   The 76ers will continue to be led by Embiid and Ben Simmons, how far can the team go? This question ushered in next season. Embiid and Simmons are dual-core in their third season, the 76ers had high expectations, especially after the introduction of Horford and the renewal of Tobias Harris. But they only ranked sixth in the regular season, and they were swept by the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, which also caused coach Brown to dismiss get out of class. Like coaching the Clippers, coaching the 76ers has to bear the pressure of high expectations, not only to make the playoffs, but also to compete for the championship.

76人将继续由Embiid和Ben Simmons带领,车队能走多远?这个问题迎来了下个赛季。 Embiid和Simmons在他们的第三个赛季是双核心的,这对76人队寄予了很高的期望,尤其是在霍福德引进和托比亚斯·哈里斯续约之后。但是他们只在常规赛中排名第六,他们在季后赛的第一轮就被凯尔特人队横扫,这也导致教练布朗解雇了退出比赛的人。就像执教快船队一样,执教76人队也要承受很高的期望,不仅要进入季后赛,而且还要争取冠军。

   Fortunately, Rivers is an expert in how to face high expectations. He has experienced countless times when he coaches the Celtics and Clippers. More importantly, during his time coaching the Clippers, he helped the team survive the Donald Sterling storm and put the team into the ranks of the championship. If anyone can persuade the 76ers' dual cores to continue to cooperate, it is Rivers, whether he persuades Simmons to take more long shots, or sets up a challenge for Embiid to upgrade. Veterans like Horford and Harris will also be willing to play for a coach who is highly qualified and has played in the NBA. However, the question is whether Rivers, who has just left the Clippers, is still willing to take on another stressful job.

幸运的是,里弗斯是如何面对高期望的专家。在执教凯尔特人队和快船队时,他经历了无数次。更重要的是,在执教快船队期间,他帮助球队度过了唐纳德·斯特林(Donald Sterling)的风暴,并使球队跻身总冠军之列。如果有人可以说服76人的双核继续合作,那就是里弗斯,是说服西蒙斯拍摄更多远景,还是挑战Embiid升级。霍福德(Horford)和哈里斯(Harris)等退伍军人也将愿意为高素质且曾在NBA效力的教练效力。然而,问题是刚刚离开快船的里弗斯是否仍然愿意承担另一项压力大的工作。

  4, walker


   In the past 5 seasons, the Pacers stopped in the first round in a row. This year they were also swept by the Heat, causing coach McMillan to dismiss. McMillan led the Pacers to 183 wins and 136 losses in the regular season, but in 19 playoff games, the Pacers only won 3 games. Coaching the Pacers doesn't have high expectations like coaching the 76ers, but Rivers must also lead the team to improve and go further in the playoffs.


亚博登录手机   Fortunately, there will be a group of young, talented players to help Rivers, including two All-Star Sabonis and Oladipo. Surrounding them are young players such as Brogdon, Miles Turner, and Warren who shined in the rematch. Rivers can benefit from the improvement of these players. Even if rumors say Oladipo wants to leave, Rivers may be one of the coaches who can persuade him to stay on the team. However, because the Pacers currently seem to be a bit behind to become the Eastern Conference championship team, this also makes the team's handsome position not so attractive.


  3, Thunder


If he coaches the Thunder, Rivers will reunite with Paul. The latter was the point guard he used to coach the Clippers. Now he has just led a group of young players to fifth in the Western Conference this season and played an amazing postseason. which performed. The Thunder have young talents such as Alexander and Dort, and veterans such as Schroder, Adams and Gallinari. With the cooperation of Paul and Rivers, the Thunder should make it to the playoffs again.


   However, the question is whether making the playoffs again is what the Thunder seniors want. Prior to the deal that sent Paul George to the Clippers, the Thunder had gained multiple draft picks, and after Paul's performance this season, he was also linked to trade rumors. Although Paul joined the first season and led the team to perform well, but the Thunder will soon start the rebuilding mode, which may not be what Rivers wants.


  2, red team


   Just when the news broke that Rivers was dismissed from the Clippers, the red team that had just parted ways with D'Antoni became the first team to be interested in him. Just like coaching the 76ers, coaching the red team is also under tremendous pressure. Although it stopped in the second round this year, the red team still has the MVP combination of Harden and Westbrook, as well as powerful players such as Eric Gordon, Covington and Tucker.

就在有关里弗斯被快船解雇的消息传出时,刚刚与德安东尼分道扬the的红队成为第一个对他感兴趣的球队。就像执教76人队一样,执教红队也面临巨大压力。尽管在今年的第二轮中停止了比赛,但红队仍然拥有Harden和Westbrook的MVP组合,以及像Eric Gordon,Covington和Tucker这样的有实力的球员。

  Like the 76ers, the red team is also facing the problem of not matching the two big stars in the team. Nowadays, people in the industry have advocated leaving Westbrook, even if he and Paul swapped to join the red team for only one season. However, Rivers can help Harden and Westbrook find a way to coexist. During his coaching career, Rivers has demonstrated his ability to train and coach stars. However, if he takes over the handsome position of the red team, Rivers is tantamount to taking over a lineup originally built based on D'Antoni's small ball philosophy. Will he be willing to follow the rules? If not, the red team does not have much capital to make adjustments.


  1, Pelican


   The Pelicans can give Rivers something he has never encountered in his 21-year coaching career, that is, the opportunity to grow with future stars. From the Magic to the Celtics and then to the Clippers, most of the stars that Rivers coached were at their peak, including Tracy McGrady, KG, Pierce and Xiaoka. In the Pelicans, he has the opportunity to coach Zion, who is bound to become the next king. In addition, the Pelicans have many stars of hope: Ingram is already an All-Star, and Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and Jackson Hayes are also young talents who can make an impact. In addition, the Pelicans also have indispensable veterans such as Jrue Holiday and Redick, who also worked with Rivers in the Clippers.

鹈鹕可以给里弗斯带来他在21年的教练生涯中从未遇到过的东西,即与未来的明星一起成长的机会。从魔术队到凯尔特人队,再到快船队,里弗斯执教的大多数明星都处于顶峰,包括特雷西·麦格雷迪,KG,皮尔斯和肖卡。在鹈鹕队,他有机会执教锡安,后者必将成为下一任国王。此外,鹈鹕队还有很多希望之星:英格拉姆已经是一名全明星球员,而朗佐·鲍尔,乔什·哈特和杰克逊·海斯也都是可以发挥影响力的年轻才华。此外,鹈鹕队还有不可或缺的退伍军人,例如Jrue Holiday和Redick,他们也曾在快船队与Rivers合作。

   More importantly, coaching a young team like the Pelicans will not be burdened with the tremendous pressure of coaching the 76ers and the red team. No one expects them to go far in the playoffs next season. The defense of Zion, Ingram, other young players and the Pelicans will continue to grow, and they will be ready to take over the Western Conference. If coaching a team can give Rivers a foreseeable future, it's the Pelicans.




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