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Tiger Fighting, October 17 News Former French international Luis Saha, who has played for Manchester United and Everton and other clubs, recently accepted an interview with Goal. In an interview, he said that Lewin has performed very well this season. And he thinks Lewin definitely wants to participate in the Champions League, he thinks Lewin is fully capable of playing for Manchester United. Saha also talked about Ronaldo. He thinks Ronaldo is still a top player. In the end Saha said that after Everton and Liverpool's Merseyside Derby will be a close match.

老虎格斗,10月17日新闻为法国曼联和埃弗顿等俱乐部效力的前法国国脚路易斯·萨哈(Luis Saha)最近接受了Goal的采访。他在一次采访中说,莱文本赛季表现出色。而且他认为莱文肯定想参加欧洲冠军联赛,他认为莱文完全有能力为曼联效力。萨哈还谈到了罗纳尔多。他认为罗纳尔多仍然是顶级球员。最终,萨哈表示,在埃弗顿和利物浦的默西塞德郡德比赛之后将是一场近距离比赛。

Saha mentioned: "Manchester United will always be associated with a lot of good players. Manchester United wants to sign the best players. They want to sign top scorers. I think Lewin will also be regarded by Manchester United as a signing target. ."


"From the information I have learned, Manchester United wants to sign the kind of players that can improve the team's strength. To be honest, those who score a lot of goals will definitely be paid attention to by big clubs."


"Lewin has scored many goals in Everton before, and he has also proven his ability in the England national team."


"To be honest, I think Lewin has the ability to play for Manchester United, and that could happen, but from the Everton fan's perspective, I don't want Lewin to leave Everton."


"But I want to say that Lewin definitely wants to play for a club that can participate in the Champions League, and he will one day join a club that can participate in the Champions League."


Since Ancelotti started coaching Everton, Lewin has always been Ancelotti's first choice in the center position, and Lewin's state has been further improved this season. Saha said that he has been paying attention to Lewin's development. He thought that Lewin was excellent before, but Lewin is now showing strength. Saha said: "Lewin is a very dynamic player, his physical fitness is very good, I knew before that he can make progress."


"Lewin has a clear goal, and now the outside world has high expectations of him. Lewin will always work hard. He will help his teammates and help Everton.


"I think Lewin is similar to Rashford in some respects. Lewin has the instinct of a forward. He has excellent running position and shooting skills on the field, and I think he is indeed a very hard worker. Boy."


"Lewin has also improved his finishing ability. He has built up his self-confidence with his hard work in training, and I also appreciate his ability.


Everton introduced Ronaldo, Alain and Ducure this summer. Saha thinks these midfielders are excellent. He said: "For any player, leaving Real Madrid is a step backward."


"There is no doubt that Real Madrid is one of the largest clubs in the world, and perhaps only 2-3 clubs can compete with Real Madrid."


"As a player Ronaldo also knows that his transfer from Real Madrid to Everton is a step backward, but I also know Ronaldo wants to get more playing time and he wants to show his own ability."


"J Ronaldo wants to enjoy football again. Everton is a good platform for him. After I moved from Manchester United to Everton, I have the same feelings as Ronaldo now."


"Everton is a big club. They have clear goals. Although the chance of Everton winning the championship is really small, they have been working hard."


"There is no doubt that Ronaldo is an excellent player. He has been in the top league for a long time. He has competed with many top players."


"J Ronaldo has accumulated a wealth of experience and he has won many championship trophies. He can now say: ‘I don’t care about other people’s opinions, I am a top player.’"

“罗纳尔多(J Ronaldo)积累了丰富的经验,他赢得了许多冠军奖杯。他现在可以说:‘我不在乎别人的意见,我是顶尖球员。’”

Liverpool lost to Aston Villa 2-7 in the league before, and Everton will play a Merseyside derby with Liverpool. In this regard, Saha said: "Everton started the season. I was deeply impressed by the performance afterwards, but I would not be surprised by it."


"Because Everton has shown stability since the beginning of the season, they have a clear plan, they are playing more disciplined than before, and Everton is currently moving in the right direction."


"What Everton has to do now is to continue to reduce their mistakes. Their lineup is very balanced and they can create problems for their opponents."


"In the past two seasons, Everton has also had ambitious goals, but they always had some problems before."


"Now Everton has a lot of good players, such as Richard Leeson, I am a loyal fan of Richard Leeson."


"Although Liverpool lost to Aston Villa 2-7 before, I still think Liverpool can successfully defend the Premier League title this season."


"Although Liverpool have suffered a big setback, I think they will definitely be able to get back to form soon. Klopp will definitely be angry with the team losing 2-7, and I think Klopp can find a solution. "


"To be honest, the opponents afterwards need to be careful with Liverpool, because Liverpool definitely wants to complete a strong rebound, and I think Merseyside on Saturday will be a close match."


Manchester United had previously signed Cavani. Saha also talked about Cavani in an interview. He said that he admired Cavani very much and thought Cavani was already a legend in Paris. Saha said: "Yes, I am very happy that Manchester United signed Cavani."


"I hoped that Manchester United would sign Cavani last year. Since Cavani played in Naples, I have been following him."


"I am a Parisian, so I also appreciate Cavani's previous contributions to Paris. He scored more than 200 goals for Paris, and he has already become a legend in Paris."


"To be honest, Cavani is the guarantee of scoring. He can still show excellent performance and create difficulties for the defenders. Cavani can put pressure on his opponents, which is a good thing for Manchester United."


Manchester United lost to Tottenham 1-6 before, which put Solskjaer under a lot of pressure again. Saha thinks it is too early to decide Solskjaer’s future. He thinks fans should continue now. Support Manchester United and Solskjaer. Saha said: "Manchester United performed better last season than it is now."


"Especially after they signed Bruno Fernandez last season, I think Manchester United's signing of Fernandez at that time also activated Pogba and other players."


"Manchester United did not start the season very well, but any club may encounter such problems. Solskjaer may still lack experience and qualifications, but I hope the fans can support Solskjaer more."


"When Manchester United has not performed well enough, the outside world will immediately criticize them, and the outside world seems to have forgotten that Manchester United also performed well."


"I think Manchester United still has a chance to keep the top four positions in the league this season. They have lost two of the first three league games. This is a bad result, but I believe that is not the true level of Manchester United."


"I have always supported Manchester United and I believe in their strength, but you can also see how quickly the outside world can evaluate the team."


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